Work Environment

Our people spend a great deal of their life at work, so lets make it a happy and effective environment for them. Jigsaw helps with culture programmes designed to enhance already great teams, and remedial training programmes to get your people back on track.

Work Environment

Few love going to work all the time. But there’s a difference between routine workplace hassles and hiccups, and a working environment that causes people to become less effective, unmotivated and stressed – in some cases to the point of illness.

There is a wide range of reasons why people problems within an organisation can eventuate. An organisation may end up not achieving the results they should be capable of, or desire, as a result of:

  • unclear goals
  • differing values
  • opposing interests
  • personality conflicts
  • poor communication
  • poor leadership
  • lack of training
  • personal problems of key staff members

We agree that best way to stop the development of an ineffective work environment is to prevent it from occurring in the first place (primary prevention). However, if it’s too late for prevention, we are able to provide customised training programmes designed to get your organisation back on track.

How We Are Different From Other Training Providers

What we do is all about your work environment and your needs. With our process we don’t make assumptions as to what we think is going on – we find out before proposing any training solutions. That way we can avoid missteps, inappropriate content and ultimately be more cost-effective.

When the focus is on the work environment, we often recommend team building and/or individual coaching to facilitate culture development or change. (Note: Other forms of training may also be required such as customer service training).

Team Building – Always Great for Prevention & Sometimes also a Cure

We view team building as a process. It seeks to turn a group of individual employees into a cohesive team who willingly works together interdependently and cooperatively to achieve common goals.

Its importance in the workplace cannot be understated. Team building:

  • Facilitates better communication
  • Motivates employees
  • Promotes creativity
  • Develops problem-solving skills
  • Builds trust

Ultimately, team building in the workplace develops better relationships and increases productivity.

How we go about creating an effective team is different for each organisation. However, in all cases, there is an interplay between management and staff, and between staff. Our training programmes accommodate the different dynamics of these relationships.

Individual Coaching

Sometimes it’s not about the team but an individual who is struggling.

It’s not uncommon for competent people to be promoted to management or leadership roles with little or no experience in managing and leading. Often left to their own devices (and most often without a mentor to guide them) they can fall into some common traps. Unfortunately, mismanagement and poor leadership can have a negative impact on your organisation’s productivity, staff retention and even profitability.

If we discover the cause of a work environment issue stems from an individual, we offer management and leadership coaching to develop the people skills that person lacks.

Benefits of Working with Us

What you will get out of your customised training programme depends entirely on your needs! What we can say is that we have an impressive track record of assisting organisations to:

  • Sensitively manage organisational change
  • Reduce staff burnout and turnover as a result of working with difficult team members (and customers)
  • Improve staff confidence and motivation
  • Improve staff knowledge and their ability to communicate that
  • Improve the way staff interact with the team, customers, and external suppliers
  • Create more loyal customers
  • Increase sales, turnover and profits
  • Improve organisational culture

If having an effective work environment is important to your organisation, contact us for a free initial Training Needs Analysis Consultation.

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