Red Flags for your Business

It’s not uncommon for organisations to have ‘people problems’ without even realising it – all that may be seen is the consequences. Organisations need to be aware of the Red Flags which show that something isn’t right.

Red Flags include:

  • Key performance indicators are down (e.g sales, profits, turnover)
  • High staff turnover
  • High rates of sick leave
  • Difficulty finding and retaining the right people to fit within your organisation
  • Low work satisfaction by staff
  • Frustration by management that employees are unmotivated, lazy or obstructive
  • Staff unwilling to go the extra mile when requested
  • Increases in customer and / or staff complaints
  • Bottlenecks in workflow
  • Loss of business
  • Quality and standards have slipped
  • Increases in the number of mistakes being made by staff
  • Customer retention rates are falling (i.e you are losing customers)
While not definitive, the type of Red Flags you are experiencing provide clues as to where your attention should be directed – whether that be customer service issues, management / leadership issues or where ineffective work environment has been created.

We work in partnership with you to discover the real causes (which may be wide ranging and not what you would expect) and develop customised training solutions to fix them.

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