“I know just the right person for the job. They are so successful in their current role and always meet targets, they are so ready for promotion to a leadership role”


How many times have we all heard this and thought,  “I’m not so sure…”

Just because an employee is great at the job they do, does not always mean they will be as great when promoted to a leadership position that demands different skills and characteristics. This is generally why organisations continue to sometimes promote the wrong people, assuming that the attributes that make them successful will create the same success in the promoted role. Indeed, some organisations still promote successful employees as a reward for their good work without basing their decision on the right reasons. These bad decisions can then have significant implications on the success of the organisation.

Academic study has found that time and again a top sales performer turned into a poor Sales Manager – thus creating two problems. You lose your one of your top sales people and you gain a poor leader. Not a problem any forward-thinking business would want to create.

Selecting the best candidates for leadership roles means we need to change the way we evaluate candidates which will then give us the results we are looking for. It might just be that the top performer is not right for the role and that the role is suited to someone who shows great future potential and ambition which the company can build and work with.

So, what should we be doing and how do we decide who is right for the company? Who will bring the qualities we desire and need to drive the business forward?

First things first. All organisations need different types of leaders at different times. Is what you need now the same as what you are looking for in the future? We are living in a world of constant change and we need to be prepared to move and adapt to the times. What might be a reasonable fit now may be completely out of sync with the future flow of success. Decide this first and then work through the following:


  • Does the candidate have the right skills and will they be able to contribute at this higher level?
  • What significant contributions have they made and are these tangible?
  • Will they be able to inspire and lead a team to success?
  • Can they adapt and be open to new challenges?


The most important thing is to be confident in knowing what you are looking for in the position and focus this energy in recruiting those who will thrive and become an integral part of your business now and in the future.

Recruit the right leader for the right reasons and the future of the business will be better placed to continue to thrive and succeed.

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