Our Training Process

Designing the training programme best suited to meet your needs and goals is a simple three step process. Together we aim to achieve tangible results.

Creating Your Customised Training Programme


Because everything we do is customised to our client’s needs, we always start with a clean slate. We take the time to understand the challenges faced by your organisation – whether that be to prevent people problems or fixing them. If you have an issue that needs fixing we always seek to find and understand the cause(s) of those issues before we propose any solutions.

This step involves an initial consultation and the gathering of relevant information



Before creating your training program we need to establish exactly what your training goals are. Do you want to:

  • support a new product or service release?
  • create a resilient and effective team culture?
  • reduce customer complaints?
  • receive fewer product returns?
  • improve customer engagement?
  • increase staff retention rates?
  • increase staff productivity?
  • have less internal disputes?
  • experience more effective meetings?

Whatever it is you wish to achieve, with clear goals and objectives we are better able to create the training content you need and devise ways to measure its success. We also work within your time frames and budget.



Drawing on our extensive experience of what works and what doesn’t, we create your customised programme. This includes any workbooks and supporting materials. A licence to re-use this material for future in-house training sessions may also be purchased as an optional extra.

Implementing Your Training Programme

Implementing Your Training Programme At this point you may deliver your customised training programme in-house using your own team or you may engage Jigsaw Professional Development to implement it for you. Most organisations prefer Jigsaw to deliver their training as:

We are experienced trainers used to drawing out the best in people

Not every person in the room can see the same value in receiving training as you do – which can affect their willingness to participate and engage. This is something we are well equipped to deal with and often turn the most resistant participants into enthusiastic believers.

We are adaptable

Unexpected issues often arise during the delivery of a training course as participants become fully engaged and become more inquisitive. Inexperienced trainers can either be taken off course and not deliver all the content necessary to meet your goals or ignore the issues raised resulting in less buy-in by participants. Our experience allows us to diverge where necessary but bring the training back on track.

We understand the training programme content best!

As we created it we have a thorough understanding of the objectives of each course component, how they interact and the levels of knowledge and understanding that must be reached by participants before moving on.

We have a vested interest in your success

We are highly motivated to deliver the tangible results you seek.

Do you have questions? Call us now on +64 9 216 8706 or send us a message from our contact page.