Our Process

Designing the programme best suited to meet your needs and goals is a simple three step process.
Together we aim to achieve tangible results that empowers you and your workforce to succeed.

Creating Your Bespoke Programme


Because everything we do is customised to our client’s needs, we always start with a
clean slate.

We take the time to understand the challenges faced by your organisation, before
we propose any solutions.


We establish exactly what your goals are. For example:

  • Support a new product or service release.

  • Create a resilient and effective team culture.

  • Reduce customer complaints.

  • Improve customer engagement.

  • Increase staff retention rates.

  • Increase staff productivity.

  • Have less internal disputes.

Whatever it is you wish to achieve, with clear goals and objectives we are better able to create the content you need and the ways to measure its success.


We will create your customised solution including supporting materials (e.g. workbooks). Uniquely we hand the IP to you which means that either the Jigsaw team can deliver the training or you can.

Do you have questions? Call us now on +64 22 127 2392 or send us a message from our contact page.