Customer Service

Use Jigsaw to provide training that helps any team member relate better to external and internal "customers" (be they buying, or in need of your services) , and to create work flow processes to ensure each touchstone with your organisation is positive.

Customer Service

Customer service skills training is not about up-skilling your staff to make more sales. (Many organisations we work with don’t even sell – think government and local government agencies). It’s about creating systemic improvement to the activities your organisation participates in before, during and after your interactions with the customer.

Customers require a great deal of attention, consideration and respect – even if they are not customers by choice. And when your customer does have other options, losing their custom could have dramatic consequences.

Although the nature of the customer service skills required will differ depending on your industry, business, product, service and customer, two things are consistent with all types of organisations:

  1. Your staff must be able to give assistance to various personalities and characters.
  2. At the same time, they must reflect the core values of your organisation and adhere to your organisation’s culture.

Striking the right balance between these two traits isn’t easy, especially when members of staff also need to know about product/service information or be able to answer other commonly asked customer questions. Consequently, customer service training is essential.

How We Are Different from Other Training Providers

We don’t provide a list of courses from which you get to pick the best fit because our experience has shown that such an approach just doesn’t deliver great results – in some cases, it can even set an organisation back if the material sends you down the wrong track.

By creating a customised and unique customer service training programme specifically designed to meet your goals and objectives, we ensure they are effective and will deliver you tangible results.

Our process is centred entirely on you and your needs so what you can expect will not be the same for another organisation. In exploring what those needs are we may:

  • Conduct surveys
  • Engage in mystery shopping
  • Examine your previous feedback and complaints
  • Interview staff
  • Work within your organisation
  • Conduct observations

Benefits of Working with Us

What you will get out of your customised training programme depends entirely on your needs! What we can say is that we have an impressive track record of assisting organisations to:

  • Sensitively manage organisational change
  • Reduce staff burnout and turnover as a result of working with difficult customers (and other team members)
  • Improve staff confidence and motivation
  • Improve staff knowledge and their ability to communicate that
  • Improve the way staff interact with customers, external suppliers and the team
  • Create more loyal customers
  • Increase sales, turnover and profits
  • Improve organisational culture

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