Case Study One

Garden Centre and Landscape Supplier


Company “A” is a garden centre and landscape supplier with an online shop and many retail stores throughout Auckland.

A well-established and recognised brand and business, Company “A” understood the value of providing their customers quality customer service and care – it leads to higher customer spend and retention.

The challenge for their business was ensuring consistency across all stores and staff, particularly when many of the frontline staff are casual employees.

The Work

We conducted a mystery shop across all their stores to evaluate customer service and experience. As a result of this and other collected information, we developed a training programme specifically targeting the store managers so they would be better equipped to train their staff.

As part of this training, store managers completed self-assessments around their own leadership and management styles and how this affected their team. Several managers were then selected to receive additional one-to-one coaching with us to support them in their roles.

We also identified the need for a more structured process of succession which led to the development of the Future Leaders’ Programme.

The Results

Company A is now delivering a more consistent customer service experience as they have:

  • A management team who are more open and communicative with their staff and wider team

  • A strong succession plan in place for when management members move on

  • Staff who understand the importance of good customer service and are motivated to provide it.

Our customised programme overcame potential logistical barriers, provided bespoke information in various forms so everyone was engaged. We continue to serve as mentors and a sounding board for the company as they continue to implement our programme.

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