About us

We're passionate about positive, successful workplaces, that provide quality levels of service and output. We're great at finding hot spots of issues, and eliminating the problem, through training and facilitation.

Our Mission

We provide flexible and customised solutions to organisations wanting to create effective working environments in New Zealand.

We come to work each day to eliminate a significant barrier to organisational success – poor people skills. Too often its the seemingly little things that make the biggest impact – like how your staff treat your customers, the boss their staff, and the team each other. But nasty little things have a habit of growing and will eventually undermine all that is good within an organisation.

Our mission is to effect real change to organisations customer service skills, leadership/management skills, and improve ineffective work environments. Today, we provide the one of the most flexible and customised professional development training options available in New Zealand.

Our Team

We like to think we are friendly and approachable sort of folk with an ability to quickly get to the heart of the matter. We strongly believe that effective organisational and personal change must first come from a change in attitude followed by habits. We work collaboratively with you and your team to gently effect attitudinal and habitual change to ensure success in the long term.

Our 20+ years experience has demonstrated time and again that no two businesses are exactly the same. Which is why no two training courses from Jigsaw is ever the same. When it comes to working with people and organisations, we respect and value uniqueness – we don’t do generic!

Kerry Saberton

The person you will see most often, Kerry presents the customised training course content and provides individual coaching. Encouraging and non-judgmental, Kerry has the knack of drawing out the best in people.


Lynda Barker

With an international career and an entrepreneurial mindset, Lynda provides excellent, professional administration support to the JPD team so they can focus on the heart of the business.

By nature, Lynda adopts a practical approach and with a logical attitude, she sources solutions to problems, explores new methodology, and continuously strives to add value.


Laura Hill

Laura specialises in empowering both existing and emerging leaders/managers as role models for the implementation of HR practices. She has successfully partnered with start-ups through to large FTSE100 employers.

Always avaliable to discuss your development needs, Laura’s skill-sets include resourcing, performance, development, and retention of talent in line with employers’ organisational and/or career goals.


Tonka Watson

Tonka is a consultant, facilitator and a program architect in inclusivity & gender dynamics, leadership development, organisational change, team performance, and personal resilience. She has over 20 years of experience in the corporate world both as an independent consultant and previously as Head of Human Capital for a major UK blue-chip.

An accomplished facilitator and coach, Tonka specialises in key talent and women’s’ leadership programs with her specific interest being the understanding and application of neuroscience in relation to performance. She has a wealth of experience in designing and delivering programs that engage participants, deliver personal insights and inspire sustainable changes in behaviour. Being a confident and capable communicator Tonka is able to build trust rapidly, and challenge participants to become more aware and more effective. Her understanding of positive psychology and awareness of different cultural influences both inform and enhance her contribution to global organisations operating in the Asia-Pacific region.


Eithne Sweeney

Originally from Ireland, Eithne spent over five years working for large multinationals in China, where she helped technical teams overcome the barriers of language, culture and distance to build strong connections.

Moving to New Zealand, she spent the next 10 years working alongside technical specialists in some of our largest companies, equipping them with the skills and structures to foster effective communication. Giving technical teams confidence to connect with each other and their customers is her specialty.


We could now list our many degrees and qualifications, academic publications and award-winning professional development training programmes that we have developed. But we know what you really want is tangible results. Together, that’s what we deliver.

Do you have questions? Call us now on +64 9 216 8706 or send us a message from our contact page.